08 July 2012

Java Padang Cafe Dubai

After a long afternoon in Deira Gold Souk in extreme heat searching for a gift for my future goddaughter, I and C started to get hungry. We decided to got to Java Padang Cafe, an Indonesian restaurant in Karama. One Abra boat trip and a taxi ride later we arrived. This tiny Indonesian restaurant only have around 20 seats (I'm being generous) and it's really not more than a hole in the wall. The ugliest chairs in the world and the walls covered with un-sharp pictures of previous guests and menus in Indonesian adds to the charm. Alcohol isn't served here so we had to stick to water to hydrate our thirsty bodies.

We started off with deep fried tofu filled with vegetables. 
A simple snack that was perfect to kill the worst hunger.

Second dish was a coconut soup with tripe and noodles. 
Lovely mild, sweet taste of coconut milk with a touch of chili in the background, great!

Next up, Nasi Goreng, this classic Indonesian fried rice dish is so simple but superb if its made right. The ingredients for Nasi Goreng can vary a lot, ours contained of chicken and egg.

Soup and rice was eaten with krupuk, crackers made from 
starch that comes in various shapes and flavors.

To round of the meal we had fried bananas.

Java Padang Cafe is a great little place that I recommend if you're in the Karama area.
Especially when the bill is less than 80aed for two.


Anonymous said...

Been there but not really impress with their food. Cheap though. Try out Dapur Kita.
Happy eating Nic..

Esurientem NB said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll try that one out