15 July 2014

Bar Burger Cafe

They call themselves a 'Gourmet Burger Joint' and the burgers are truly great in this new place, located in Kungsträdgården, in the heart of Stockholm.

We started off with pata negra and gherkins followed by two of their burgers;
'True-Burger' made from coarse ground angus beef topped with cheddar, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce and their signature burger dressing. The second burger was called 'El Diablo Burger', made with the same patty but topped with jalapeños, cheddar, buffalo style tabasco, lettuce, tomato and roja sauce. The crown of the jewel was perfectly cooked onion rings.

One thing that wasn't up to standard was the very slow service. 1.5 hours for some ham and two burgers are not what you would expect for a dish that is considered as fast food.
I hope and think we were just unlucky this time and we will gladly come back to indulge in these juicy burgers.




Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the service IS slow... 50 minutes at lunch is not ok. And about same during dinner time.
But, the burgers are great!

Esurientem NB said...

Sad to hear that. Hoped it was one off :(