05 March 2014


Located at the top of the pyramid-shaped Raffles Hotel in WAFI, Dubai, Tomo has, since it first opened its doors, been a popular restaurant, particularly to the Japanese population in the city. Chef Chitoshi Takahashi used to run the restaurant Kisaku before he opened the more "fancy" Tomo.

Me and my company went for lunch and we had a pretty wide selection of dishes all shared in the middle of the table.

After a bowl of rather bland tasting edamame beans we had a platter of sashimi. All tasty, fresh and of very high quality, especially the o-toro that just melted in the mouth.


Saba, pickled mackerel, is another favorite of mine. Strong and rather fishy but not far away from the pickled herring we swedes often eat.

Chu-toro gunkan with spring onions.

Oyster with ponzu and daikon. Perhaps my favorite serving.

Ankimo, monkfish liver, also called foie gras of the sea.
This one was very mild tasting in comparison with previous experiences.

Pork and cabbage gyoza.
I prefer when the filling is more coarsely chopped so that you feel what you are eating. I definitely have had better.

Vegetable tempura, classic, simple and well executed.

Chicken wings skewers. Not the best quality.

Two types of maki rolls; softshell crab and negitoro. Both decent.

Octopus sashimi.

Chicken teriyaki was ok but nothing extraordinary.

When it comes to the simplicity of Japanese food, the quality of the product is more important than ever and in Tomo they are not exactly there.
I would sum it up as a decent lunch but I'm not too sure if I would return.


Nadira said...

Hmm interesting ... I am becoming one of your fan readers ! Xx

Esurientem NB said...

Thanks Nadira :)

Anonymous said...

The chicken teri is an odd choice. I hear what you say but it's still the best "traditional" Japanese in town especially since Chef Kitade-San (ex JAL/SAS) left the UAE.