02 January 2014

Råkultur Revisited

I had a quick lunch at Råkultur as always when I'm in Stockholm. Last visit was good but this time it was miles better.
I started off with a temaki of soft shell crab. Warm, crispy and very yummy.

Next a selection of nigirizushi;
All the fish are from Scandinavia and they are all treated and seasoned in a way that they all taste very Swedish in my mind, apart from the duck heart gunkan with black pepper teriyaki. Also served was pickled vendace with roasted union, burnt salmon belly, cod, beetroot cured halibut with lemon and straw smoked arctic char with arctic char mayonnaise. So good.

As always, the soy is served in a shot glass with a brush which helps minimizing the guests to over-season their sushi. Great!

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